I love taking pictures. I am always excited to look at the colors of the sky and always have my camera whether be my iPhone or a point and shoot camera by my side every time to capture the moment.

I started shooting SLR camera since 1979 but stopped for a period to pursue other interest since it was becoming very costly to buy films and develop them. But when the digital technology became the norm I got into it again. I still love shooting in film. But the with the instant result required these days, I have to give up bringing my film cameras out. They have been relegated to the collectors chest. It is a consolation that my cameras can still use my old lens so that wasn’t too much effort to give up the film.

When people ask my how do I do it? I always say well, I just go out there and click. I look at perspective and colors and just develop my own style without copying the style of my heroes in photography. One thing for sure, I go for the angle where most people would miss, like lying on my belly or climb up a tree, etc. Most people don’t want to look stupid. But I don’t care because if I get the shot then that is more satisfying. As Ansel Adam said “A good photograph is knowing where to stand.” and “You don’t take a photograph, you make it. “

 Okay enough about me. If you love or even if you don’t love photography, I trust you’ll enjoy my site.