The Art of Feeling Sorry for Oneself


Do you think this guy is sorry for itself?

It has been said many times that life is really not fair. Looking on it at different angles I’d concur that, yes, its very true. When an unfortunate circumstances happens and pins one down with an inescapable grip, several questions can pop up into a person’s mind. Questions like why do bad things happen to a good person? Why is God punishing me or why is God allowing bad thing to happen? Why Why Why??

On the part of God, I cannot fully understand why he allows, but what I know from other people’s and my experience is that He allows it to build our character. For us to take stock and understand what is important and what is not. Okay you may have other thoughts about this but this is not the topic of this blog. What I will dwell on is how we deal with the unfairness or our attitude towards it and climb over the fence maybe over and over again to break through.

What makes me an authority about this subject matter? Nothing! I am not an expert but all I know is that I have fallen into this trap of “feeling sorry for myself” and it is the worst thing that can happen to a person. I guess if one is an expert that means to say the one is always and still feeling sorry for him/herself.

When things go horribly wrong and you find yourself in a position when everywhere you see brick walls. It doesn’t matter whether someone else caused it or you just fell into the unfortunate circumstance. What matters is that you are in there and that you need to get out of it. Dwelling on the unfortunate circumstance  or putting blame or resigning and feeling sorry for yourself is the worst thing you can ever do.

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